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Precise Cut Shears

The Precise Cut brand began in the mid-1990's by Randy Lowe. He had a vision to design his shears for precision performance, universal functionality all at an affordable price for every level groomer. 

All Precise Cut shears are backed with a lifetime warranty against any manufacture defects.  Every shear is hand finished in the USA and tested for performance. No Precise Cut is ever sold "as they run" from the factory.

We also impress upon the importance of the right fit for your hand.  The Precise Cut Brand offers multiple lines of shears with different handle styles, shank lengths, blade styles and blade lengths.  There is always a money back guarantee and exchange option if your Precise Cut shear is not a good fit or the feel you are looking for.

Visit our website for more detailed information on the Precise Cut brand of shears.


Upcoming Workshops

He Said/She Said With Colin Taylor And Mary 

A look at the direction the industry is taking from a UK Vs. US perspective with solutions our respective problems.

What challenges do we face as pet professionals as our industry evolves? Colin and Mary will discuss how to move forward, as well as problem solve solutions that make sense regardless of which side of the pond you’re on.  

This will be a full day lively conversation on Sunday, August 29th.

Only $27!!!






Precision Sharp Co

Precision Sharp Co. is a full service sharpening service specializing in shears and clipper blades and began its inception in 1991.  Randy was a machinist by trade, unemployed by a large company due to economic downsizing.  Timing was right.  Randy's friend had a small machine shop and a sideline business sharpening shears for beauty salons, which he could no longer service.  Hence, the founding of Precision Sharp.

Our first trade show was Groom Expo in Hershey, September 1991 with a 4' table in a back hallway with a few shears and sharpening machine. Since that time, Precision Sharp has been exhibiting at Grooming Shows across the USA, numerous regional dog shows and family pet expos.

 Visit our website for more detailed information on our sharpening service or call us 717.266.7348


Colin Taylor

Colin is one of the most forward thinking, well known and dynamic forces in the dog grooming world, having worked at the top of the grooming profession for over 25 years.

Colin holds such titles as “Intergrooms International Groomer of the Year”, Winner of the “World Cup Grooming Games”, and has won countless “Best in Show” and “Best All Round” dog groomer in every major US contest. He is also a multiple time member of Groom Team USA and has graced the cover of Groomer to Groomer magazine no less than FIVE times!

Mary Oquendo CMPTI, CMCG

Mary is a Certified Master Pet Tech Instructor, one of 13 worldwide. Mary has been teaching pet first aid and other safety programs for the last 14 years.

In addition, she is a Certified Master Cat Groomer and advocate a holistic approach to cat grooming.

Mary is the owner of, an online mastermind site for pet professionals looking to up their business game, as well as offers coaching and consulting, you can contact her at [email protected]


Andrew Hale

Andrew is a Certified Animal Behaviourist and a trustee at the Association of INTODogs. He is the behaviour consultant for Pet Remedy and the British Isles Grooming Association. He also supports many dog rescue organisations around the UK. With a background in human psychology, Andrew is passionate about exploring the emotional experience that lies behind behaviour, both in dogs and the humans around them.

Kathryn  Dixon

Kathryn Dixon NCMG has been involved in the grooming industry since 2006. With roots in a Philadelphia area Petsmart grooming salon, she has fulfilled various roles from bather to business owner, including successfully operating a fleet of mobile grooming vans which serviced the state of Rhode Island. She is now an industry educator and international competitor in both grooming competitions and conformation. She currently resides in Westminster, MD where she breeds and shows Kerry Blue Terriers.

Helen Schaefer is a National Certified Master Groomer with nearly 15 years of experience.  She has worked in all facets of the grooming industry, from corporate salons to mobile, even owning her own business, The Groom Studio, that made it to the Top of the Philly Hot List after being open only 20 months.  She is a 2020 Barkleigh Honor Nominee for Up and Coming Speaker of the Year, and a nationally ranked open level competitive groomer.  She is known for her resilience in the ring and giving sound and genuine takes on many industry topics every other Sunday on her popular video blog #GroomerProblems, featured in the facebook Group Pet Groomer Town Hall.


Evan  Gummo

Evan Gummo, Director of Digital Media for Barkleigh Productions, and Sr. Digital Marketing Analyst for Barstool Sports, is a social media strategist and digital advertising specialist with over 9 years of professional experience. 

Melissa Hall

As a second generation groomer, Melissa began her pet grooming journey in 1996 with her mother and sister. When not leading her team of stellar employees at her own salon in Yuma, Arizona, she enjoys showing and competing with her poodles. In 2014, she moved into the world of cat grooming by complete ig her certified feline master groomer certification and began showing one of her persians as well. Now Melissa shares her incredible wealth of cat grooming and business building knowledge as a Wahl Animal Brand Ambassador, NCGI Certifier and host private grooming instruction at her salon for cat groomers from around the world.

Malissa Conti-Diener

With a strong passion for advancing the animal human bond, I made it my mission to create trusting animal relationships, compassionate care, and kinder, gentler pet grooming practices. I was raised in a home that was never short of pets. Energy and frequency work have always been a cornerstone of my practice. My life’s’ ambition is to continue to teach Holistic feline and canine grooming and the therapeutic methods I have developed over 20 years. You can usually find me diffusing, grooming, practicing yoga, teaching, learning, blogging and loving the life I am creating through a natural balanced approach.

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He Said/She Said With Colin Taylor And Mary Oquendo Sunday, August 29th


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